Your business values – shaping you and your success

Personal ethics and business values should be in harmony with each other to maintain healthy and positive relationships.

How to deliver Value

We should be so comfortable and proud to tell our values.  But often that isn’t the case.  So what are simple ways to uncover and share them?  This can take a little work, so I’m sharing ways I work and hope you find them a good starting point.

So, what are my values and why are they so important?

Values ultimately come from our personal ethics and standards, that we then wish to integrate into our business.  Separating personal and business values can often lead to mental discomfort, which you may have experienced when asked to do a task that you aren’t at ease with.

Our values also act as a guide for how we interact with friends, family and with our customers. These are our ideals, or principles, that people inside and outside of your business will associate you with and hold you to.  They’re the guiding truths that keep you to justifiably high standards, and ensure you’re growing with purpose.  And, importantly, staying true to your vision.

Ethics and Business Values

Personal ethics and business values should be in harmony with each other to maintain healthy positive relationships.    And as mentioned previously, they also help to sustain good personal mental health.

Having found your core values they will be important for our growth and development.  Helping and guiding you make intelligent decisions, that are going to work in your favour by playing to your strengths, wants, and needs.

How to choose

So where do we start and how do we choose from the many values that are out there?

It could be as simple as helping a customer get a certain job done.  By making things more convenient, or easier to use, can create sustainable value.  Looking into how we can retain our desire for easy, immediate and fast systems/products.

Creating a business solution that supports a dream lifestyle without costing the earth.

Teasing them out

Taking all of these ideas and testing them out in a framework that takes into account all the ways you communicate.  So that your value message is clear and cohesive everywhere.

This is one of my favourite sessions with clients, often the first meeting is totally dedicated to working through the values you hold dear and what they mean to you.  It’s a truly creative moment where we explore what shaped you to become the person and business owner you are today.  The impacts from life and work – good and bad – that helped you create your business product or service.  Alongside how you wish to be viewed and heard.

As you can hopefully feel, this isn’t separate from your business, but what shapes you as a business.

I learnt a beautiful method of writing about myself, which is to wild write.    By which I mean, writing or typing, your history – the story of you – full of emotion, and situations and people, who shaped you into the amazing person you are today.  And during that writing journey, where there are no spelling mistakes or perfect punctuation or incorrect grammar, we free ourselves to show our story in all its splendidness.  Not shying away from areas that may make us sad or angry, but embracing how they have brought us to where we are.  Valuefull.  (This writing style was taught to me by Sara Truckel, who I love working with to build my own values into my brand.)

For me, I like to be known as someone who acts with care, works solely to create value, holds myself accountable with every action and word, and who dares to be different

My values

Innovation – by being brave and informed in all of my actions

Collaboration – creating long, strong and valued relationships

Inspiration – by listening, learning and sharing skills and solutions

Authenticity – being consistent, trustworthy and considerate


If you found this helpful but would like more support to work on your values please message me.  It would be a pleasure to talk guide  you and ensure you aren’t missing vital connections by not voicing your true values.


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