Antonia Brickell

“Clare is a shrewd listener, her creative energy helps to make things happen. Our meetings CMR have been welcoming, inspiring, focused and productive. “

Finding energy for a new career: a clear plan, realistic timeframes, a bright future.

The Brief                                                                                     

After completing a job she loved, its intensity left Antonia Brickell feeling out of touch with her own brand identity. She needed my help to determine the services she can offer to businesses and structure key information into a business proposal. To move confidently forward and reach a new client base.

Effective business development

Talking through your experiences and achievements, delving into the small print is crucial when you need a new direction: ‘how’ was each career step achieved; ‘what’ are your motivators; ‘where’ do you find your drive and passion. Celebrating your successes is not being self-absorbed – it helps you unpick the current challenges you’re facing and gain confidence for your next step. But it doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

I approached Antonia’s case the way I do for all my clients. I listened intently to her story, allowing her to revisit and appreciate what she’d already achieved. Her impressive work history included her role as a radio presenter, head of comms at a national charity and a journalist. Together we considered which elements of this creative background could be passionately and effectively taken forward into a new freelance career.

Our meetings were productive and energised. We defined who Antonia is, what she can deliver, where her passions lay, making sure her social profile reflects this. We discussed her goals, and personalised feedback was worked into a sustainable and clear strategy – with suggested time frames – to move things forward.

Results & the future

Enabling Antonia to realise what she has to offer, drawing out new and innovative ideas together, was an absolute joy.  Antonia now has a complete focus on where she’s heading and can now look forward to a flourishing freelance career that has begun so positively. Utilising her talents in voiceover work, she’s now creating podcasts for a dizzying range of people and products. Drawing on her own experiences as a broadcaster, she provides comprehensive media training.

As a business coach, it’s invigorating and rewarding to present a cohesive business development plan that is already seeing rewards. Within weeks, Antonia was enjoying a return on investment.

What an exciting future – I will be following Antonia’s journey closely and be here for her again… if she needs me.

Antonia Brickell . Podcaster – Broadcaster – Communicator

My experience of meetings CMR style? They have been welcoming, inspiring, focused and productive. Clare is a shrewd listener, her creative energy helps to make things happen. With providing business development advice, Clare has spent time getting a real sense of who I am, what I can deliver and what I want to achieve, before giving considered feedback.

CMR have been direct but personable about what it’s going to take for me to reach my goals, whilst creating a clear plan with suggested time frames. In a nutshell, it’s great to be working with someone who speaks my language and gets results! I now know where I’m heading, my LinkedIn profile finally represents who I am, I have the support from CMR along the way and I’m already getting a return for my investment – a matter of weeks down the line.”

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