Project X

Project X – 2021 Cambridge StartUp

Shaping your ideas into a credible business plan is no mean feat; getting it off the ground is often half the battle. Partnering with an experienced business consultant is the most effective way of getting you on the path to launch.


The Brief

Project X chose CMR as their business development consultancy, and I couldn’t have been happier that Laurent Elfassy approached me. I’ve helped many startups from the point of conception, so I knew what we needed to do.

Our goal was to work together to form a clear and confident articulation of Project X, its offering and value proposition, then build this into an effective business model and structure for launch.

The Journey

When creating a new business, it’s helpful to identify your strengths and weaknesses early on and use these to learn how to work smarter. It’s surprising how much you’ll benefit from this in the long term. Bringing in an external partner is invaluable in these situations, as we can offer a whole new perspective. It may not always be comfortable listening, of course! During our open discussions, Laurent and I identified personalised solutions and techniques that will allow him to work at his optimum.

Creating a business model will include a comprehensive list of your service offering, and you should know your pricing structure for your whole business before you win your first customer. Having completed this process, we looked at how he’d make effective and productive connections for Project X on social media. As a user myself, I know the importance of having a presence on LinkedIn. For business owners, it’s wise to have not only a personal profile but also a company page, together, Laurent and I have been building one for Project X.

Having a suite of software solutions that allow you to take control of your own logo design and help with overall marketing formed some of the tools I recommended to Laurent. There are plenty out there, but it isn’t straightforward to find out which are a good fit for you. Using my knowledge gained from working with many other small businesses, I could identify which would work best.

After investing time on targeted research and strategy, the business model for Project X has been streamlined and now has clearly defined offerings. Beta testing is a great way to make sure your model is healthy. Having gone through this process using personal business links, we can be confident that the model is sustainable.

Results & The Future

The next phase will focus wholly on delivering the plan to get the business launched. To do this, we have designed a roadmap with several defined ‘sprints’ with precise tasks and timeframes. This project management method breaks everything down into manageable chunks and gives us the flexibility to adjust the plan of action if it becomes necessary.

It’s been a fascinating journey for both of us, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. Laurent now has a clear pathway to launch with the right tools to succeed in his ambitions for growth. An exciting future is ahead.

Take advantage of my free One to One calls if you need some help getting your ideas off the ground. I can guide you through the challenges you’re facing.

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