2024 FSB Small Business Manifesto

Small businesses are the backbone of the UK economy. Their success is vital for a prosperous future.

Federation of Small Businesses: 2024 General Election Manifesto

As a member of the FSB I thought I’d share an abbreviated version of their General Election Manifesto for you to digest, question, support or challenge.  Whatever you do, it’s for you so engage with your local member of parliament, preferred political party or become a member.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is a powerful advocate for small businesses and the self-employed in the UK. Representing 5.5 million small firms, the FSB emphasises the crucial role these businesses play in the economy, employing 16.7 million people, which accounts for 60% of the private sector workforce.


Small businesses are the backbone of the UK economy, and their success is vital for a prosperous future. This manifesto outlines the FSB’s vision and the necessary policies to support and empower small businesses and the self-employed, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs addressed.


Innovation and creativity are essential for the growth of small businesses. The FSB calls for better access to funding, simplified regulations, and enhanced support for research and development. These measures will foster an environment where small businesses can thrive and innovate.

Five Pillars of Support

  1. Finance and Funding: Ensure accessible, affordable finance options for small businesses to grow and succeed.
  2. Fair Regulation: Simplify and streamline regulations to reduce the burden on small businesses.
  3. Infrastructure: Invest in digital and physical infrastructure to support small business operations.
  4. Skills and Training: Provide access to training and development to equip small business owners and employees with essential skills.
  5. Market Access: Create opportunities for small businesses to access new markets domestically and internationally.

Foundations for the Future

To build a resilient and thriving economy, the FSB advocates for policies that ensure long-term stability and growth for small businesses. This includes addressing key challenges such as access to finance, regulatory burdens, and market access. By laying strong foundations today, we can secure a prosperous future for the UK economy.

High Streets

Revitalizing high streets is critical for community development and economic growth. The FSB calls for initiatives to support local businesses, including fair business rates, improved infrastructure, and measures to increase footfall and consumer spending. A vibrant high street benefits everyone and strengthens the local economy.


Creating and sustaining jobs is a top priority. Small businesses are key job creators, and the FSB urges the government to implement policies that support job creation and retention. This includes incentives for hiring, investment in skills training, and support for apprenticeships and internships.

Inclusive Growth

Ensuring that the benefits of economic growth are shared widely is essential. The FSB promotes inclusive growth by advocating for policies that support diverse and underrepresented entrepreneurs, tackle regional disparities, and ensure that small businesses in all parts of the UK have the opportunity to succeed.


The FSB’s 2024 General Election Manifesto is a comprehensive plan to support small businesses and the self-employed. By addressing critical issues such as finance, regulation, infrastructure, skills, and market access, the FSB aims to create an environment where small businesses can thrive, drive innovation, and contribute significantly to the UK’s economic success.

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