Getting Unstuck

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope or confidence.“

I won’t tell you what to do…  I’ll listen to what you need.

I’m really good at seeing opportunities where you see obstacles.  Helping you listen to a new, more gentle, inner voice.  One that’s  kind and generous.  Creating a habit of celebrating your knowledge, skills, journey and the adventure ahead.

Feeling stuck is often caused by one of the following reasons:

  • Personal life challenges paralysing your productivity
  • Overworking or taking on much more than you can handle
  • A change in circumstances that you weren’t prepared for

Sometimes it’s hard to understand what’s holding you back.  Even harder to consider what would happen if you did go for it?

And I’m not going to let you do something you’re not prepared for.

But, sometimes we need support to be brave, bold and committed to our business growth.

And then considering, wherever possible, if you could pause or outsource some work to take the pressure off .  I bet your immediate reaction is to say NO!  But I can tell you from experience you absolutely can, with a plan.

Set aside time for you, then your business

Perfection isn’t what we should strive for, self belief and courage will take us much higher.  Perfection often delays us in the constant reworking, the fear of hitting the go button.  The potential to fail.  The possibility of embarrassment.

But what if you succeed?  What if you’re amazing?  What if you love what you set out to do?  This is the gentler voice I mentioned at the beginning.

Being fearless isn’t being reckless or slapdash.  It’s betting on yourself and winning.

Which is just what you did when you set up your business, changed jobs, jumped off a diving board or first rode a bicycle.  The freedom you gained from those decisions was amazing.

So let’s keep repeating them.

Clear head – Clear goals

We also don’t want to be spending 100% of our time flitting between the many hats that we wear on our work life juggle.

So have a think.  What if you were able to dedicate 20% of your time to business focus and growth?  That’s one day a week.  How much you could change/achieve/create?  Think of the value you could add to your business.

If you consider the tasks that cannot be done by others.  These are your super strengths.  The foundations of your business, that should take priority.  And often where your creativity to create income is derived.

So by working out your job description along side your calendar, it’s possible to find a considered approach to time versus tasks.  Moving you closer to your goals.

Business Toolbox

What would you keep in here?  Make a list of what would make your life easier.  My top tip would be systems that talk to each other, to minimise repetition.  A great time saver.

Mine has:

  1. Hubspot database where I can access emails, notes, meetings, tasks – all in one place.
  2. Trello project software that I share with every client (it’s nice and simple to track our emails, goals, sessions, thoughts…).
  3. Canva where my brand toolkit sits ready for me (probably not me really!) to create all of my marketing materials
  4. GDrive to create forms for new clients, testimonials, questionnaires…

This is just part of my plan to keep you on track, motivated, secure, confident and focused.

And remember, we are all a work in progress.  And owe it to ourselves to open up to creativity, innovation and curiosity.

What I still need is (updated often and ticked off quite often):

  1. Mailerlite to be set up and managed better – I’d love a bit more automation.
  2. More creative partners – at the moment I love to recommend web design, social media management, money coaching, virtual assistance, breathwork, yoga, pilates, massage, brand management, marketing…  A huge range of wellbeing and business support services.  Let me know if you would like to be part of our great community.
  3. To get that podcast out there (see, we all do it!)

And Finally

I want to hear about you.  How we can work together to get more creative, make days and weeks more relaxed and simple, and ultimately keep you positive and focused.

I offer a free session so that we can find out what you want to make simpler, set as a goal, overcome as a challenge, or develop in your business.

We also talk through how I work, what you can expect from me and what aftercare looks like.

Put a note in your calendar to give me a call and let’s create those great opportunities together.  Here’s a free session, just for YOU.

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