Good Business Charter

The time is right for a ‘Good Business Charter’ to encourage responsible business behaviour and to publicly acknowledge those organisations who exhibit such behaviour.

The aim is to inspire as many organisations as possible to change their behaviour, where required, in order to sign up, which should in turn encourage wider good business practice.

The Good Business Charter is a comprehensive and user friendly way for organisations to help show they care and for the rest of us to spend our money ethically.

– Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the RSA and author,
The Independent Review of Employment Practices in the Modern Economy

The initiative isn’t linked to any political party or group. Governments of all stripes have an interest in responsible businesses creating jobs, generating tax revenues to support public services and behaving in an ethical manner.  I, of course, hope that government and other public sector bodies will look favourably at those businesses.   Which could over time become a competitive advantage for firms.

The GBC hopes to nudge even more organisations towards responsible business behaviour.  This would be by getting them to focus on all the components of the Charter.

The GBC does not work on the basis of achieving an average score or picking and choosing different aspects to adhere to.  Rather it is a simple In/Out accreditation with a holistic recognition of those organisations operating responsibly in all of these key areas.  Hoping that small businesses and employees will wish be part of organisations that sign up to the Charter.  And that customers will use their buying power to favour accredited organisations and that investors will favour GBC members also.

Improved accountability

The charter improves accountability. It is a voluntary accreditation and one that we hope companies, charities and public sector organisations will be enthusiastic to join. There are a lot of good organisations and entrepreneurs in the UK that already operate to the GBC principles.  And who are keen for accreditation to recognise their responsible behaviour.

Hopefully others will modify their behaviour so as to gain this accreditation.

There are 10 components to the charter:

  1. Real Living Wage
  2. Employee Well-Being
  3. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
  4. Pay Fair Tax
  5. Ethical Sourcing
  6. Fairer Hours & Contracts
  7. Employee Representation
  8. Environmental Responsibility
  9. Commitment to Customers
  10. Prompt Payment to Suppliers

This is how the GBC measures behaviour and believes responsible behaviour by organisations shouldn’t be limited to these.  Members are expected to adhere to the spirit of the Good Business Charter in their dealings with all stakeholders (workers, customers, subcontractors, suppliers, and the community), in their approach to the environment and in their legal and financial compliance.   In the event of a material issue occurring which could question their right to membership then the Trustees’ decision is final in deciding whether it should be rescinded.

Here’s the link to GBC, please join, it will boost our numbers and encourage others to follow.   As small business owners we all benefit from being paid promptly, being environmentally responsible, committed to our customers, paying fair tax, and by sourcing ethically.

If you would like to know more about why I joined or to find out what it’s like to work with me, book a free session here.  I love to see a new face.

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