Meet Clare Morris, CMR Founder

Hello, I’m Clare Morris, a business developer and strategist, who runs CMResource. I’m here to help you achieve your full business potential…

How I make a difference to you and your business

My service is founded on the business model canvas, which I unapologetically stripped out the corporate voice and gave it a big human heart.  It really needed that.

The result is for those of you who are not natural sales people.  For you to find your voice.   With a full appreciation of your business value.  And the techniques needed to really engage with their community; be that as a service, an online or physical product.

Giving you the confidence to ‘know and show’ the value of the solutions you provide.  You will be able to demonstrate clearly how this works to make life easier, better, happier, healthier… For your and your customers.

Working with you is a creative process.  One that involves humour and empathy.  In a safe space where you can be open and authentic.  Talk about anything from your wildest dreams to your smallest challenges.  I know it’s not easy to talk about yourself.  Which makes it even more powerful when you accept and appreciate just how amazing you and your skills are.

Early on I get to the heart of what you want to achieve for your business or career.  And by this I don’t mean the black and white of a job description or the descriptive words of your business.  I want you to show the value and brilliance at the heart of your service/product.   By this I work with you on your value and values.  Researching your business or skill, media presence or CV, before, during, and as an ongoing process of our work.

Do I know what I’m talking about?

At the beginning of my career I worked for large organisations who often told their customers what they were going to do for them.  Rather than listening to the needs of each client and working with them to find a bespoke solution. I was so disheartened by their one ‘size fits all’ attitude I decided to step away from that type of business culture.

I joined a small, independent business that was striving to be heard against the corporate noise.  Eager to listen and learn from their customers.  Make a difference with their solutions and tailor them to the need not greed.

It was a revelation and I have never looked back.  By knowing your value, customer and key resources, it is possible for you to make hugely successful decisions.  Based on the knowledge of understanding your marketplace and community.  Which is something I want to bring to every business I work with.

Finally, why is your success important to me?

My goal is for individuals and business owners to be confident of their worth, value and uniqueness. All of our conversations are geared towards understanding your originality and how we can express this.

I never stop thinking about anyone I work with.  Whether it’s to connect you with my network.   Share new ideas, opportunities and communities.  Which is why Resource is in my business name.  I offer a continuous service and support, even when our project is successfully completed.

My business is a reflection of my beliefs and commitment to my clients. By working with CMR, we will create a strategy which ensures your business is using all the right resources to realistically achieve greatest impact.

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