Memberships: Making the World of Difference

Keep looking – not to fit in – but to belong. It’s the best reason to join in.

Memberships: Belonging, Knowledge, and Collective Impact

In today’s fast-paced, consumer-driven world, it can be easy to feel disconnected from the values that matter most.

However, becoming part of something local/global, social/network based – membership, offers a unique opportunity to reconnect with those values, support your mental well-being, and become part of a community that shares your passion for making a positive impact on the planet.

For me, the above, provide a space to think, people to ask or collaborate with, knowledge and help with my goals.

But I can only share these because I feel comfortable, confident, and a sense of alignment.  I belong.

Being part of something, especially if it gives back, is really important to me.

As well as being a member of the above – I also run a Co-Work Collab group, and attend a co-working space.  It’s so motivational to sit with and feel the energy of others.  Setting intentions for our time together.  Bringing projects or tasks we put off.  Delighted when we leave having ticked them off.  Usually very quickly.  Leaving us time for lunch and a chat.  If you’re interested to find out more about my Co-Work Collabe, it’s here (monthly).

And I bring people together walking once a month.  It’s called Real Talk Field Walk.  And I theme these, as thought encouraging topics.  Honestly, we’ve never needed much encouragement!  The people that walk, and this ranges from employed to entrepreneur to job seeker, always have something to share.  And on those rare moments you just want to walk.  We respect your quiet time in nature.  If you’re interested in these, they’re here for you whether you’re local or visiting.

Finding your tribe is crucial to connection.

The business of business is relationships. The business of life is human connection.

None of us function well alone.  Not for long anyway.  It’s one of the key reasons for partnering with Gemma and Jade to breathe life back into Conscious Entrepreneurs.  There’s a big belonging goal for us here.  One that we are acutely aware needs to answer all of the key points (and more) of the above.

So, how do you rate a membership.  I would love to know.  Do you want a voice?  Feel safe? Have the opportunity to collaborate?  To show up however you’re feeling? Or something else?

Keep looking – not to fit in – but to belong.

If you’re a good business, looking to spark innovation, foster collaboration, or drive growth, consider exploring my workshops.  Want to share your ambitions first and see if we can achieve them together, here’s a link.

After all, in the journey toward stress’less’ business for focus and growth, collaboration is the ultimate competitive advantage, and workshops are the space where greatness is created.

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