Q&A for Parents in Business Magazine – Winter 2022

Parents in Business Magazine asked readers for their questions. This edition we touched on family support, outsourcing to a VA, confidence, and increasing prices.

Four questions from Parents in Business readers.  I hope the answers provide some guidance should you be in a similar situation.  Or prompt you to ask questions you may have been holding onto for a while.

I have 3 children under the age of 10. I set up my business selling pre-loved children’s clothing online. My business is doing well, but my husband does not support my dream. He earns an excellent salary, and we are financially stable. He believes I should focus more on being a housewife. I find it so frustrating.

Is support what you need?  Or maybe belief in your business and abilities, interest in your day and success, or the freedom to grow?

If your family system is viewed in a particular way by your husband, then this may be the area that needs further understanding.  You may not change the viewpoint.  But you could work out systems that ensure your home life runs smoothly.  It probably does already and your husband is seeing problems that aren’t there (yet).  Showing that together you can resolve any potential disruption, or changes, as a couple.

Do you have a business plan? Your husbands’ input could be useful as a successful business person.  He may see the future and potential in a different and equally valuable way.

Try not to assume what your husband is thinking.  And ask that he gives you the same respect before you both begin your conversations.  Do you have a time where you could both enjoy a calm space without interruptions?  Keep talking, but more importantly, keep listening to what each other has to say.

And a top tip: take time out to consider each comment if the conversation is becoming heated.  Pausing is helpful if you need to check your emotions.


I have 2 children under the age of 5, and I am expecting my 3rd baby. I need to hire a virtual assistant to assist me in keeping my business ticking over. I have asked around in Facebook groups, but all the hourly rate quotes are out of my budget. I am worried about how I will cope when I have my baby. Do I pause my business and explain that I am on maternity leave on my website?

Being very clear about the tasks your VA is needed for could highlight that some automation may possible, reducing the hours needed for email responses for example.

Also, a good VA will get things done in a very timely manner, so calculating hours with a couple of VA’s would be beneficial.  You may have overestimated the time needed.

A great VA will show you how to save time and money, increasing your trust and the future of the relationship when you return to business and your income builds.

An exceptional VA will be able to cover many different tasks, so consider not just administration but social media, web maintenance, customer contact.

Talk with recommended VA’s and share your jobs list.  Review the list before and after the call to see if there are items that can be side-lined while you take essential time out.  This is a great opportunity to review jobs that you’ve done as habit but that wouldn’t decrease your income if postponed.


I am a business visibility coach. I recently held a live free webinar over 50 people signed up, but no one turned up. It really knocked my confidence. How can I get my confidence back?

Starting positively, you have 50 potential clients who liked what you offered.  And you can continue to market to them.  Big cheer.

Keep your confidence by messaging those who missed and apologise.  That you missed them and may not have offered a clear enough countdown to the event.  Explain the value again for the webinar.  And how to continue to work with you as a follow on.  You could offer a free or discounted session as a ‘sorry you missed out’ offer.

For the next webinar, once you’ve reviewed and reframed the previous launch, why not ask your original sign ups about a preferred topic, timings and duration for the next webinar.  Every failure is a step to success. There will be something that got overlooked in the customer journey to the actual day.  This is an opportunity for you.  So don’t be overwhelmed by what could have been a simple misunderstanding.  Build it into your business goals as a positive for the future success of your webinars.

Recall free webinars you have attended and why.  See if they match your offer, pitch and value for time.  Webinar fatigue is a thing, not to be underestimated.


I’m a single mum and a freelance graphic designer. I raised my prices 6 months ago, and I need to raise them again. How do I explain the new raise to my current clients?

Price increases are sensitive.  Give plenty of time for your customers to adjust to the change.

Before increasing your pricing, are there time saving costs you can make?  Removing unnecessary business tasks, withdrawing unprofitable add-ons, not going above and beyond your design remit.  Giving you back high value, invoiceable hours.

If you have already taken these steps, make sure to segment and personalise your message.  This change will have an impact on your client so clarify this and try not to use a blanket email. Keep it short and kind.  Call it a modest increase (if it is!)

Don’t be too wordy, it can come across as defensive or apologetic.  Customers just need to know the facts.  ‘Everything else is staying the same’ is a reminder of how great your service already is!

Without knowing more, I am being quite broad.  I hope this gives you a positive way to communicate with your clients by being precise and concise.  And make it very easy for customers to reach you and talk about the changes ahead.

If you’d like to know more about the magazine I write for, Parents in Business, here is the link.

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