Strategy for a Small Business

Strategy for a Small Business is having the tools to develop confidently, sustainably and organically. Making you feel great and in control!

Knowing Your Business

As a small business owner, I know we are extremely adaptable. We know our customers on a much more personal level and that gives us the chance to better understand and solve their problems.  Knowing you need a strategy is a lot simpler than creating one!  But we’ve put together a few simple actions that could make a big impact on the growth of your business.

How’s it looking today

Part of of the model we create for you has a cost structure element.  Where we check in to see that any and all expenses have been taken into account.  And, where possible, plan for unexpected costs.  So you can make confident decisions about how to move forward.

Are you working in or on

Your key resources are things like information, time, partnerships, management and expertise.  Could you collaborate or share services with another business?  You might find it’s time to start outsourcing.  I know it’s a worrying thought, to start spending money.  But consider how your time is best spent.   If it takes you four hours a task you could outsource for one, then it’s viable for your business model.

Can we lose any costs

Maybe you found some subscriptions that you haven’t used.  Or software that you trialled and forgot to cancel.  All these little costs add up and if they aren’t working for you right now, suspend or cancel them to review in another 3 months.

What are you offering

Are you showing your customers the full value of working with you.  Is every element and benefit your product, or service, provides easy to find.  Make sure your  testimonials are easy to see and still relevant.  Remember to have at the forefront:

What do we do?               How do we do it?               Whom do we do it for?              What value do we bring?

Did you go digital

Don’t feel discouraged if you haven’t worked on your digital strategies yet.  There are only so many hours.  And you don’t know everything.  So start simple.

  • How’s your Social Media?  Check if you’re using it to showcase the value you provide,  show your face and share your mission.
  • If you have a website you can alter easily, look at adding new pages.  And check the pages you have highlight your business and services.
  • Put up case studies and testimonials.  Write blog posts can help customers understand the value you offer.
  • Email is a great way to share your news.  But remember the rule 80% what you can do to help your customers, and only 20% about you!!
  • Taking your business online, in any capacity, presents the opportunity for virtually unlimited growth.

“Clare’s tactical approach and in-depth questioning has resulted in a confident business strategy that can easily adapt to changing circumstances and has given me a much deeper understanding of my customer, revenue streams and core value proposition”.

Dawn, Scuseme

If the evaluation you just did got you thinking.

Take advantage of our Insight Call and let CMR join those dots, save you money and increase your income.

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