Brand Marketing Tips

Having a strong brand, and marketing it well, are essential to a successful business. Here are our top tips for making your impact …

Be More Human

Humanising your brand is a must. The days of throwing corporate brochures at your website and expecting the phone to ring are gone. You need to communicate with your audience and customers as real human being. 76% of people say they are more likely to trust content shared by “normal” people than content shared by brands.  So let’s get some ‘outside the box thinking’ going on.  One of our favourite services is firing up your business passion and seeing the ideas flow.


Conversational Branding

A top goal for brands should be to have an ongoing relationship with their audience. And turning that audience into a community.  You can’t keep talking at people.  A continual conversation will earn trust, empower, inspire and entertain.  And will also deliver impact and a positive return on investment (ROI).  The days of thinking you can push out one perfectly word-smithed blog post a month and call it “content marketing” are over.

Marketers that invest true heart and effort into their content marketing will experience big wins!

Personal Memorable Experiences

Audience first marketing is essential.  Dig deeper than demographics such as age, gender and income, start to analyse psychographics such as beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and WHY your community engages the way they do.  You can’t create memorable experiences for someone you don’t know.  Audience marketing means you know your customer better than your competition!

Measurement and Optimisation

The best marketers know data and analytics are their best friend. Learning how to tweak and optimise your marketing campaigns, content and social programs will help you be more agile.  Knowing how to quickly learn what content is working, optimise for greater return and repeat, repeat, repeat is a recipe for success.  Data driven decisions empower you to fully embrace the best social features (using your voice, knowing your audience, product, target etc.).  Keeping you on track and building great relationships your community.


82.2% of marketers say they will increase their investment in video in 2020. 49% say they will increase their brands presence on YouTube specifically.   Checkout This is always a bit scary so to ease in gently start you could look into micro-content such as Instagram stories, Instagram TV, Twitter video.

Visual Searching

Images are used for 19% of search queries on Google.  Brands should already be using visuals in all aspects of marketing.  It’s time to get serious with not only visually appealing social posts, videos and blog posts – but for the future we will need to look at visual search as well.  Google and Pinterest, for example, are all getting into the visual search game big time. Both Google and Pinterest have their own Lens search capabilities that recognises objects and landmarks through a camera app.  We love visual searching, it’s quick, easy and gets results.  Just what we want.

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