Your brand values

You should be comfortable and proud to tell your values, that’s the easy part, hopefully! But what are your values and why are they so important?

So. Where do we start?  And how do we choose from the many values that are out there?  I’ve done a lot of research and provided you with some great examples.  And have a lot more that are just too many to mention…


Creativity is all about thinking outside the box. It’s traditionally associated with designers and artists.  But creativity can be possessed by all of us.  It’s in how we go about a situation in a new, innovative way.

Showing you value creatively can be by; employing ideas and outputs that are non-obvious – our favourite outside the box thinking.  Or by being imaginative and fostering an environment of constant experimenting.  Using new colours, flavours, or problem-solving approaches.


Underpinning your commitment to ensuring that everyone you work with, including those you buy from, sell to and promote, is treated with respect. You bring and receive different perspectives.  Have a good business reputation.  And can solve problems faster (honestly, it’s shown that diverse teams solve problems faster than cognitively similar people! click here to read more)


Being really focussed at a start-up is essential.  Especially to keep that ‘wants to change the world and have a good time doing it’ attitude.  You’ll also be promoting a healthy work-life balance.   And be a welcoming workplace culture.  So, fun can be something as simple as having something that makes you laugh on your desktop.   Or by starting every day with a fun fact.


How do your actions impact others?  This is an essential skill, whether those people are involved in your business or not.  For example taking precautions to ensure your work does not negatively impact people or the environment.  Or if the work being done at the is a difficult or taxing, take this into account and make sure you and your team feel supported and well-rested.

  • Bringing your values in line with your behaviours and beliefs gives authenticity.
  • Being authentic gives credibility, trust and reliability.
  • Being credible is the voice of your product or service.

So, values really are the cornerstone of your mission and vision, without which your message and passion for your business may suffer.

In summary…


  • help prevent unethical practices
  • help to strategise and reconcile the pragmatic demands of work
  • help prevent the use of unethical business practice to achieve your goals
  • are all a major source of competitive advantage

Ethical businesses with values attract talent, differentiate themselves and are more customer and planet focussed and friendly.

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