Case Study: Cambridge Kinesiology

Taking a small business with no social media channels to becoming a confident and successful user. Creating and monitoring this success for repeatable actions. And keep getting it right.

The Brief

Maja has a great business as a freelance Kinesiologist.  Working within The Therapy Rooms in Cambridge.  However, this meant that there was no independent business presence.   And it was difficult to share her story and advice to new and existing customers.  All of her history and experience was summed up in a few brief lines on a shared web platform.  So first of all we needed to resolve this.  By creating a profile fit for social media channels and a newsletter.

The Challenge

Maja has incredible ideas.  However we needed to get them into a structure that could be worked every day, week or month.  Especially according to how and where we were to share her media.  For example, the core elements of the service were clear to Maja.  This meant we needed to balance these with colour and descriptives that could be applied to treatments, tips and even recipes.

The Results

We worked together to structure Maja’s creativity, to give a home to ideas and future plans. In short, when inspiration struck, and it will at the most inconvenient of times, Maja was ready with a mobile notebook or spreadsheet to refer back whenever a social media post or newsletter was required.  Confidence abounds Cambridge Kinesiology now.  It’s clear to see and feel Maja’s passion and skills through her website, social media channels and newsletter.


Maja also wanted to know results, and analytics are key to understanding your successes.  Essential with a new website, social media channels and a newsletter.  So we made sure to know where these could be found, how to test ideas quickly and easily, and keep getting it right.

Clare is very caring about your business, very positive and encouraging, and has a lovely energy and sense of humour. I’ve felt supported and guided, as she gives lots of great ideas of how to move forward and get over obstacles.

Maja Asell, Cambridge Kinesiology

Clare is always happy to introduce you to other people in her network that she thinks you would benefit from. You can feel she really thrives on making your business more successful.

I would highly recommend Clare.   As a mentor/coach she inspires you to do things but also keeps you in your tracks so you don’t run off trying everything in one go rather than staying focused on task, and keeps it enjoyable.”


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