Focus & Growth


For start-ups and SME’s, looking to be calm, stable and composed, especially under stress

You’ll be …

Making great decisions
Planning a confident future
Innovating, adapting and improvising
Running your business the way you want

sounding board, advisor, problem solver, creative thinkerAfter Umbrage

Simpler ways to grow your business ...

Plans that don’t overwhelm your productivity

Building your personal and business confidence

Sessions to clarify your business value and offering
Ways of working to encourage instead of stifling you
Inviting business positivity for healthy energy and balance

Getting you where you want to be

Connecting where you are now, with your business ambitions.

With slicker smarter systems that enable you to develop your business sustainably.

Helping you to innovate, evolve, and be strong in your marketplace.

Opportunities don't just happen.
We create them.