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your good business

Coaching for Businesses doing Good.  Aligning Good Business with a Good Life.

Good Business Coaching Helping you navigate todays’ ever changing landscape.

Entrepreneurs are vulnerable! Working long hours, often with more than one job/business, and, with all the hats on.

Whether it’s defining your vision, setting goals, planning for success, crafting a business model, or enhancing customer experience. You need focus to grow, care-fully, critically and creatively.

“Focus & Growth became our sounding board, advisor, problem solver, creative thinker”
After Umbrage – UK Carer Charity

What I do (in a nutshell)

What I do (in a nutshell)

Help you with your

The who, why and how of your business purpose and goals so you’ve got it all (in a nutshell)

Help you with your

How your business charisma will put you in front of the right people, comfortably, confidently

Help you with your

Focus and growth for a healthy, productive, and sustainable future – for you and your planet

Sarah Lassie
Blooming People – organisational ecologists

How I work

“Clare will challenge your way of thinking, positively and with humour…

I love that we have fun working together”

Sarah Massie
Blooming People Partnership, organisational ecologists

I am a huge believer in how much we can achieve when we’re calm and positive. Drawing from that, I’ve developed some simple touchpoints to help businesses grow and thrive:

Creating plans that don’t overwhelm your productivity

Building your business and personal confidence

With sessions to give clarity to your business offering

Establishing working methods that give you encouragement

Inviting business positivity for healthy energy and balance

Need help?

I offer a free 30 minute ambition call. It’s a great place to start, whether you need help with something specific or want to create a personalised plan for your business.

I’m available on video call, over the phone or happy to actively travel.

“Clare’s effectiveness brought that breath of relief …

Her understanding and care translate to high impact business”

Cambridge Food Hub – Cambridge-based Organic food supplier

Meanwhile … I am a member of Conscious Entrepreneurs, Play It Green, the Good Business Charter, and Together Culture Cambridge.  I reduce my carbon footprint by using fairphone mobile, ecotalk, ecotricity, duckduckgo, krystal hosting, co-op internet.  And am an advocate for active travel, growing food, using organic box schemes, minimal waste shopping, ethical consuming, charity shopping, clothes repairing, pollinator feeding, investing in positive journalism, community spaces … 

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