My approach

Know your brand, worth and potential

From extensive experience, I know how important it is for individuals and business owners to be confident – about your brand, your worth and your potential.

I put you first

Every business is different, and every business owner, a one off. So creating a business model needs to be unique.

I listen to what’s happening, provide the space for you to think clearly and creatively, and come up with ways of working for you to perform at your comfortable and confident best.

And I really enjoy being part of the eureka moments when you see your value and find your way to move forward.

I’m one of the team

Working on your business is hugely different to working in your business. As someone new to your business, I often see things others don’t. I’ve learnt over the years that I have a great eye for detail and am able to read the nuances of situations quickly.

And I am completely unbiased.

I find out what motivates you. Where you’re confident and where you want to grow. So you get the results your work deserves.

Think of me as your “Accountability Person”.

For me, working with individuals and business owners is a very creative process. I approach it with humour and empathy, in a safe space where you can be open, authentic and talk about anything from your wildest dreams to your smallest challenges.

Not many of us find it easy to talk about ourselves, which makes it even more powerful when you accept and appreciate just how amazing you and your skills are.


What I know...

Yes, this is business. But how we feel matters too. These are some of my personal mantras.


DON’T HIDE from your competitors or your doubters. You don’t have to be the strongest, smartest or richest person in a room to succeed. All you need is a strong heart and the will to go after what you want.


SHOW YOU. There are really important qualities that we often hide, believe we lack, don’t shout about. Qualities like strength, knowledge, thoughtfulness, caring, love, sharing.


STAY BALANCED. It’s important we balance our personal and business lives – with enjoyment, contentment, joy, comfort, thrills. I help with that. By sharing, creating, supporting, theraping(!)

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Fancy a chat?

I offer a free 30 minute ambition call. It’s a great place to start, whether you need help with something specific or want to create a personalised plan for your business.

I’m available on video call, over the phone or am happy to travel.

“Clare really did her homework while working with us…

always showing great passion, which undoubtedly helped us gain better visibility and members.”

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