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Welcome to Conscious Entrepreneurs

Who are we?

As Conscious Entrepreneurs we operate with a deep awareness of our impact on the world and strive to create positive change through our business and social practices.

Our mission and values:

In the pursuit of our mission, we hope to inspire positive change within our industry and beyond.

Together, let us shape a future where businesses thrive as forces for good, leaving lasting legacies of prosperity and well-being for generations to come.

Our collective growth is founded in the following values:

Global Impact: Recognising the interconnectedness of the world and our aim to contribute positively to society, on a global scale.

Purpose: Going beyond financial profit, by championing the well-being of our communities, environment, customers, suppliers, and employees.

Collaboration: Valuing all our member partnerships and collaborative efforts, understanding that collective action amplifies the effectiveness of our initiatives.

Sustainability: Being committed to environmental responsibility, we implement sustainable practices to minimise our ecological footprint.

Your Invitation Join us to meet, collaborate, support and be supported, by the Conscious Entrepreneurs collective. A space where you can share as much or as little as you wish.  Come on your best and toughest days. Our goal is to meet on the last Tuesday of the month, 10-11.30am. (Maybe a bit longer, it’s all new to us and we’re constantly adding value to our sessions). Become a Founder Member and guide the evolution of Conscious Entrepreneurs. We can’t wait to meet you. Clare, Gemma, Jade  

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