Why a Kingfisher

Freedom, courage, adventure and balance. The words we used to find my brand voice and image.

Aligning my brand to an image.

The kingfisher represents my commitment to innovation, the ability to overcome challenges, and a passionate vision for a better future.

You’ll note the kingfisher is in flight, and this translates to my passion for your business to fly.  Reaching your potential the way that feels most freeing and comfortable for you, your team, and your customer.

Also helping me show my principles and values, which are, at every opportunity, aligned with my future self, my community and impact on our world.  By taking this into the business arena gives me the opportunity to partner the growth and development of businesses who clearly display this in their manifesto.

As a keen protector of nature I wanted my logo to represent this, with an animal that shows resilience, and is often linked with creativity, transformation, and new beginnings.  The kingfisher is a sensitive indicator to the health of a river ecosystem.  Which aligns with me, as a highly sensitive person (HSP), and in business shows up as a good assessor of your emotional and economic business positioning.

My logo also represents a commitment to innovation, dexterity, and achievement.  Which is how I approach my work.  Taking the time to understand your needs, and using my expertise to develop innovative, creative and positive impact solutions, that deliver results.

Designed, titled, font and colour branded by Susie Hinchliffe, who made this whole site possible.

It’s Business, and It’s Personal. Why? Check my Approach page here.

If any of the above got you thinking there may be gaps in your business brand or model, let’s book a free session, here’s your link.

Working together, uniting your goals with your actions.

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