Marketing your brand

How to market your brand

Business in balance = Creativity + Connectivity

Have you written your story?  Are you clear about your market position and ideal client?

This is for you if you’d want to share your values and vision, to better align your objectives, and communicate your authentic voice.

Breakdown the project to visualise the desired results from start to finish


Confidently work through each stage, certain of the outcome

How it works

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From an exploratory call setting our intentions for working together…
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…to agreeing a proposal for your goals and a timetable for completion

We'll start with a preparatory session:

We’ll use focused questioning to:

During 5 x 60 minute sessions we’ll explore and uncover your


your journey to here, the good and the bad, the full story


helping people to buy, because we like to buy, but without the hard sell


so that your social alignment – beliefs, attitudes, dreams fit theirs


the importance of your brand truths and how to relate these clearly


how you, your brand, your suppliers, team … want to be perceived

With online, one to one, creative sessions, and plenty of offline support


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You’ll see your challenge or goal through impact and results stage

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You’ll be able to analyse and assess the effectiveness of your projects and products

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You can plan ahead having considered the needs and wants of your customer

To invest in yourself, your business and your future...

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Complete a brief pre-session questionnaire


Enjoy your time exploring ways of starting, designing or developing your business


Leave feeling lighter, clearer and focused for growth

* I offer a free 30 minute introductory call. It’s a great place to start, whether you need help with something specific or want to create a personalised plan for your business.

I’m available on video call, over the phone or am happy to travel.


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