A little extra help

Business in balance = Creativity + Connectivity

Perhaps you need some time to target a specific area of your business that you’d like to develop, or to gain some clarity over.

These extra help sessions are designed to bring your business needs back into focus, consider new ideas and challenges, free your creative thoughts and give you confidence in your decisions and your businesses’ values.

So you can:

Take the time to be creative, both in thought and business


Separate the urgent and important from the not urgent or important

How it works

Hourly sessions, experienced support at your fingertips and open conversation


flexible sessions, booked when you need me

Retained Hours

6 x monthly calls, pre-booked


for to talk, hear and clarify your business goals


opportunities for you to harness your business passion

Online, one to one, creative sessions


Hand holding seedling

Your space to talk through and consider new ideas or challenges 

Hand holding seedling

Freeing up time to bring your business needs back into focus

Hand holding seedling

An opportunity to specifically target your business development and clarity

To invest in yourself, your business and your future...

Orange kingfisher


Complete a brief pre-session questionnaire


Enjoy your time exploring ways of starting, designing or developing your business


Leave feeling lighter, clearer and focused for growth

* I offer a free 30 minute introductory call. It’s a great place to start, whether you need help with something specific or want to create a personalised plan for your business.

I’m available on video call, over the phone or am happy to travel.


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