Introducing yourself

How to introduce yourself in business
Words in balance = Authenticity + Creativity

This programme is for you if you’re finding it difficult to introduce yourself in business. It helps you bring together the right balance of professional and personal detail.

So you can:

SHARE the knowledgeable, individual and business elements of you.


Celebrate, embrace and INTRODUCE yourself with confidence and ease.

Show and Share the Real You

How it works

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From an exploratory call setting our intentions for working together…
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…to agreeing a proposal for your goals and a timetable for completion

We'll start with a preparatory session:

We’ll use focused questioning to:

During 3 x 90 minute sessions we’ll enjoy and explore


a journalistic interview into how you arrived at this business space


your business purpose and alignment to customer and marketing 


explaining the business solution for maximum impact and purchase


Hand holding seedling

You’ll go away with the components needed to introduce you and your business across your sales and marketing platforms.

Hand holding seedling

You’ll have confidence in your business offering and be equipped with innovative ways of introducing yourself to collaborative and independent business promotion.

Hand holding seedling

You’ll be better able to connect your business with your ideal customer audiences.

To invest in yourself, your business and your future...

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Complete a brief pre-session questionnaire


Enjoy your time exploring ways of starting, designing or developing your business


Leave feeling lighter, clearer and focused for growth

* I offer a free 30 minute introductory call. It’s a great place to start, whether you need help with something specific or want to create a personalised plan for your business.

I’m available on video call, over the phone or am happy to travel.


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